MusicTrans Lite

MusicTrans Lite 1.12

MusicTrans is a powerful learning tool for playing any song.

MusicTrans is a powerful learning tool for playing any song.

MusicTrans is a powerful learning tool for playing any song. Take your favorite instrument, open your song and start learning it at your own pace.

Note that this is the Lite version of MusicTrans, it will go to SILENCE after 6 minutes of use.

Load any song on MusicTrans, slow it down, repeat a section, remove the vocals, amplify the bass or guitar. You can do anything you need to listen all the details on that song.

"MusicTrans is a wonderful app that makes it simple, effective and time-efficient to create transcriptions of your favorite music" (AndroidAppsReviews)

MusicTrans is the only app that will show you a hint of the notes being played in realtime. Without touching any control, MusicTrans will give you a graphical view of what notes are being played. An intermediate player can easily get the basic chords just by looking at the screen, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! From there you can start using the different sound processing techniques included in MusicTrans to literally see what is being heard.

For the best experience, we recommend you to use MusicTrans with earphones.

Main Features:

* Tempo reduction with pitch locking down to 25% of the original speed.

* Realtime note suggestions from what exactly you are listening at any time

* Voice reduction (*) with bandpass filter. Don't lose other details like the bass or other bass sounds.

* Listen to an specific audio channel with the panning control

* Powerful 10 band equalizer to adjust each frequency range with precision

* Loop marks for repeating any part

(*) Voice reduction depends on how each song has been recorded. It will affect all the instruments recorded in the central channel.

MusicTrans Lite


MusicTrans Lite 1.12

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